Gulf Wild is committed to leadership. This includes fishery stewardship, improvements in the reef fish fisheries, adding new species, updating traceability standards, improving accountability and data collection, reducing discards and meeting stock rebuilding timelines.

Built on a two-tiered program, Gulf Wild ensures ongoing improvement in the Gulf of Mexico’s fisheries. The first tier - Base Accountability - represents the bare minimum required to ensure a healthy, productive future for the Gulf. The second - Above and Beyond Accountability - is meant to raise the bar for sustainable fishery practices; the rising tide that helps to raise all boats.

With its Board of Directors, there is ongoing guidance and oversight for all of Gulf Wild's Conservation Covenants, ensuring that the organization stays true to its mission of seafood sustainability and fishery conservation.

This Board, along with Gulf Wild's participating fishermen and vessel owners, are proud to be 100% accountable for their adherence to these covenants and the professional standards upon which the Gulf Wild brand is founded.