The goal of our Gulf Wild Conservation Covenants is to ensure ongoing conservation and improvements in Gulf fisheries. In addition, Gulf Wild fishermen believe even more can be done in the reef fish fishery to improve accountability and data collection, reduce discards, and rebuild fisheries in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. Ultimately, no other seafood traceability program is as dynamic, robust or responsible.


Gulf Wild is testing fishing gear modifications to help reduce bycatch and ensure fishery sustainability in the Gulf of Mexico. All too often, intended harvests of Gulf Red Grouper, American Red Snapper and Tilefish include unwanted bycatch of larger species including Gag Grouper, brood stock fish and a variety of sharks, forcing unwanted and unintended reductions in population.

The goal of this study is to test gear modifications and deterrent devices that will ensure capture of only the smaller, target fish - allowing sharks and larger reef fish brood stock to survive, breed and increase the fishery populations. If proven effective, the modification will provide a model that can be implemented, not only throughout the entire Gulf of Mexico, but nationwide.